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Qatar Airways Manage Booking

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Qatar Airways Manage Booking

When booking a flight with a renowned air carrier like Qatar Airways, you get a lot of benefits. Whether you are in the booking phase, travelling with the airline or require support for your flight modification needs – Qatar Airways manage booking brings it all for you in one platform. 

We know that sometimes the need to alter travel plans can arise due to uncertain events, emergencies or even because change of mind happens. So, to tackle this problem and offer passengers travel ease, Qatar Airways manage my booking is an exclusive feature that allows travellers who’ve booked their flights with the airline to review, modify and even rebook their flights or cancel them.

You can do all of these tasks online, from the comfort of your home and without any external help. That’s how Qatar Airways manage a booking feature works for you. All you need is a laptop or mobile phone with an internet connection and your booked flight details!

Manage Booking Qatar Airways

Manage booking Qatar Airways allows the passengers of the airline to do a variety of flight management tasks without any difficulty. The days when you have to call the airline or go to its physical facilitation centre for the slightest of flight-changing needs are long gone. Now you, yourself, are in control of your travel journey.

Here’s what you can do with Qatar Airways booking management. 

The first and most prominent feature of using Qatar Airways manage booking platform is that you can make essential travel and service adjustments to your flight plans. For instance, you can easily change your travel dates, cabin class, flight routes, etc. However, this flexibility of flight modifications comes at an additional cost that varies for different destinations, flight types as well as availability. Nonetheless, the flight changing fee that the airline charges is very minimal and even sometimes free of cost. The average flight change fee can range from £60 to £121 or more. 

If you’ve made a mistake in your travel details while booking a flight or need to update your passenger data, you can easily do so through Qatar Air Manage booking.  In this regard, you can change or update your contact details, passport information, and other personal data associated with the booking. As keeping this data up-to-date is essential to comply with the international travel safety standard and entry regulations. 

You can add or remove services from your flight ticket with the manage my booking Qatar Airways tab. It can be excess baggage allowance, pre-selection of special meals, or reserving specific seats on the aircraft – one can do it all without any hassle.

It remains significantly essential to keep yourself updated with the latest flight schedules, travel updates and news regarding the check-in status. So, to facilitate the passengers, Qatar Airways offers all of it in a single platform through Manage My Booking Qatar.  You can check in online, review your flight departure/arrival times, secure your boarding pass before reaching the airport and do all such things of the sort at your fingertips! Therefore, it saves you time and energy as you won’t have to stand in long queues.

Manage booking Qatar Airways also aids the passengers travelling to know of the essential travel documents required for their travel route and manage them as well. Such as visas, flight tickets, entry requirements, travel insurance, and any other necessary paperwork. This is because the travel documentation requirements vary for different destinations and nationalities. So, travellers should ensure that they have all the relevant documents along with them to avoid any inconveniences.

The airline also offers facilities for the passengers with special assistance as per their needs. Such as medical assistance, mobility support, or specific dietary requirements on board – all of it is taken great care of by Qatar Airways. With a dedicated "Special Services" team to address these requests, passengers can go to manage a booking Qatar Airways portal and get facilitated in every possible regard. Therefore, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Last but not least, you can easily cancel your booked flight and apply for a refund through Manage My Booking with Qatar Airways. However, the refundability of the ticket and cancellation policies are subjective to your fare class, ticket type and time of cancellation. 

How Do I Manage My Qatar Airways Booking?

Getting access to the Qatar Airways booking manage portal online is very simple and easy. You might be wondering if it would involve extensive procedures and technicalities i.e., just like the physical facilitation centres of the airline. However, there’s nothing like that at all! You can modify your flight details within a few seconds. 

Here’s how you can get access to Qatar Airways online manage booking platform.

  1. First of all, access Qatar Airways' official website from your browser or you can also download the official mobile application of the airline.
  2. On the homepage, locate the “Manage my Booking" Section. If you are using a mobile application, you can look for the specific tab under the Qatar Airways Manage My Booking UK section.
  3. Once loaded, you should provide Booking Information to get access to your passenger portal and proceed further. The information required by the airline is usually a booking reference (PNR) or e-ticket number along with the last name of the passenger.
  4. Upon entering this data, you will be redirected to a new page where you can easily see your itinerary details on your screen and the available modification options. Such as changing flight dates, selecting seats, updating personal details, adding extra services or checking your flight's status.
  5. You can manage your flight as per your will and then after making these adjustments, review the changes and confirm.

So, that’s how efficiently and easily you can utilise the feature of manage my booking on Qatar Airways.

Making Adjustments to Your Booking

Making adjustments to your flight booking with Qatar Airways is straightforward. You don’t need to go through the extensive paperwork i.e. filling out the forms and then apply for changes at the relevant facilitation centre of the airline. The airline offers an exclusive manage my booking Qatar Airways platform online that allows you to manage and modify your reservations as per your need with a no-questions-asked policy. 
There are two ways that you can utilize to make changes to your flight through manage booking Qatar; one is through the official website of the airline at and the other is through the official mobile application of the airline (available for both iOS and Android).

If you are using the website for Qatar Airlines manage my booking, you just need to provide your PNR number and last name to get access to your booking details and make changes. On the other hand, mobile applications offer a more comprehensive user interface to do such tasks with a guided platform. 

So, it’s up to the passenger whether he/she utilizes Qatar Airway manage booking feature through the website or mobile application. 

Terms and Conditions of Qatar Airways Manage Booking

Just like any other airline, to manage booking on Qatar Airways you need to understand some terms and conditions associated with the process.

Adhering to these policies of Qatar Airways flight manage booking is essential for every passenger to ensure a hassle-free experience. Otherwise, you might face inconveniences and restrictions based on airline policies.

  • Making changes to your flight bookings through manage booking in Qatar Airways might incur additional fees, penalties or extra charges based on the extent of change and availability. These fees would depend upon your fare class rules, ticket type and destinations. For instance, some fare classes enjoy free-of-cost flight modification facilities from the airline while others have charges involved for it. If there’s a fee associated for flight modification with your ticket, it could range from minimal fees to more significant amounts.
  • Not all services or modifications may be available with Qatar Airways manage your booking. This exclusive platform of the airline offers support for minor flight changes such as seat selection, date changes, or meal preferences. On the other hand, particularly complex changes might require direct contact with the airline's representative either over the phone or in-person handling at the airport.
  • The refund and cancellation policies under Qatar manage my booking remain dependent upon the type of ticket purchased by the passenger. Non-refundable tickets usually do not permit refunds, while refundable tickets are refundable. Partially refundable tickets, on the other hand, can offer you some refund amount depending upon how early or late you cancel your flight and apply for a refund.
  • To make changes to your flight through Qatar Airways ticket manage booking, there are some time constraints that you need to be mindful of. Such as;
  • Changes made within the first 24 hours of flight booking are free of cost. Even if you cancel your flight within this time frame, no flight cancellation fee will be charged by the airline and you will get a full refund.
  • If you cancel your flight or make changes to it near to departure date, you have to pay a hefty fee as a penalty because of the low availability and high demand during this time
  • If you make changes to your flight with manage Qatar booking in time, a minimal changing/cancellation fee is applicable. 
  • The type of changes permissible for your ticket type can also vary. So, you should know of the relevant policies before making any changes to your flight. 
  • Your booking reference or e-ticket number is the most important thing that you need to access manage my booking in Qatar Airways and make modifications to your pre-booked flights. 
  • If you’ve made changes to your flight, don’t forget to review them and save them in order to confirm the new flight details. 
  • If you encounter any difficulties, require assistance, or have any ambiguity for making changes to your flight using Qatar Airways manage my booking; you must get in touch with Qatar Airways' customer service or visit the airline’s nearest physical facilitation centre in your area to get professional guidance. 
  • It's crucial to be aware of any restrictions or limitations that are imposed for the passengers when making changes through Qatar Airlines manage booking. So, reviewing Qatar Airways' terms and conditions will give you a clear understanding of the scope of modifications allowed for you and any associated costs for it.
  • If you’ve booked your flight with the airline through a third-party travel agent or aggregator, the passenger cannot make changes to his/her flight using booking manage Qatar Airways. In other words, only that third party can make changes to your flight details on your behalf. So, the individual service changes may be charged by your travel agent.

Manage Qatar Booking using a Mobile App

If you want to manage your booking Qatar Airways using a mobile app, it offers an easy to follow and guided access for you. 

To utilize Qatar Airways manage booking UK using a mobile app, follow these simple steps. 

  1. Install the official Qatar Airways app on your mobile phone. You can either download it from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  2. Log In to your account by opening the app and entering your PNR number and last name (only for pre-booked flights). If you are a member of the Privilege Club, you can also log in directly using that information. 
  3. Access the tab named Qatar manage booking under the "My Trips" section within the app. 
  4. Once you've accessed your booking, you can view your itinerary and select various options for modifications and/or flight updates. For instance, selecting seats, adding services, or checking your flight status etc.
  5. After making these changes, review the changes one more time for any errors or omissions and then save changes to confirm the modifications. If you are liable for any flight data changing fee, you must pay it to confirm your updated flight details.  

So, that’s how Qatar manage a booking allows you to quickly edit your flight details online with a mobile application.

Qatar Airways Manage my Booking

When you book your flights with Qatar Airways, the airline offers complete flight management services through its online as well as offline ‘Manage a Booking’ option. Considering customer satisfaction as our topmost priority, Qatar airways booking completely remain in the control of the passengers. So, any requirement for flight modification, cancellation, or updates can be fulfilled easily and effortlessly.

With Qatar Airways Manage Booking you can;

  • Change your flight dates
  • Upgrade or downgrade your travel class
  • Modify names on the tickets (for errors)
  • Get the latest updates and information for your booked flights
  • Cancel a flight and rebook
  • Request for a refund
  • Make seat selection
  • Request special services on abord
  • Get allowed extra baggage
  • Check-in online

and everything else of the sort. Therefore, allowing passengers to do it all from the comfort of their homes.

Qatar Airways Manage my Booking Online – A Complete Guide

Accessing and utilizing Qatar Airways Manage Booking facility is as simple as it sounds. Here’s the step-by-step guide for it;

Go to the official website

First of all, Visit Qatar Airways' official website at 
Alternatively, you can also utilize the mobile app of the airline for it as well. 

Find the “Manage Booking” tab

On the homepage of the website, locate the ‘Manage Booking’ tab (usually present at the top-right corner) and click on it. 
You can also access it directly at

Enter the required details

In the dialogue boxes, enter valid details as required. For instance, your booking reference number and last name are often usually required for it.
The 6-character booking reference number can be found on your ticket. 
Once you’ve entered the required information, click on the ‘Find Booking’ option.

Retrieve your current booking

If you’ve previously made a booking with Qatar Airways, the online portal would provide you with complete information about it. So that you can further proceed with the editing process. 

Modify your flight as required

Whatever modification you desire, you can do at this stage. For instance;

  1. View and modify their travel itinerary.
  2. Make select selections.
  3. Request for special meals and/or special services to be provided on board.
  4. Cancel your flight and rebook.
  5. Change the flight route.
  6. Upgrade your travel class.
  7. Request for a refund. 

Pay the fee (if any)

If there’s any fee applicable to the changes you’ve made in your booking, pay it to confirm the modification to your flight using a credit/debit card. 

Confirm the changes

Upon confirmation, you’ll receive an email from the airline for it. Therefore, print the confirmation email as soon as you can to have proof of the changes you made and avoid inconveniences later.

Here are some tips on how you can Manage Qatar booking

Here are some of the tips to Manage a Booking made with Qatar Airways;

Utilize official platforms only

Whether you are using the website or mobile application, it is always advised to go through the official channels for your booking management with Qatar Airways. Therefore, avoid third-party sources as much as you possibly can to keep yourself from being scammed and avoid inconveniences later.  Always ensure that you are doing all of your flight modifications through the official website of Qatar airways at or the official mobile app. 

Verify for any extra fees liable

When you are editing your flight dates, changing your seats, travel routes, arrival/departure destination, or canceling it altogether; verify if there’s any additional fee liable to pay. 

Double-check your booking details

Whenever you are booking a new flight or modifying the existing one, double-check the details before saving and proceeding to the payment phase. 

Print your itinerary

Once you’ve made all the changes to your flight and also received a confirmation email from the airline, print the itinerary and keep it as proof.  

Make informed decisions

Always make informed decisions by properly searching about your flight requirements and only reserving one when you are sure about it. So that the need for flight modification can be minimized and save yourself time and money.

Get in touch

For any issues that you are encountering with Cheap Qatar Airways Manage Booking Flights, get in touch with our customer support service and be assisted by professionals in the field. Our customer support staff is available 24/7 for your help.

Qatar Airways Manage Booking Process

The Qatar Airways Manage a Booking process offer a lot of benefits for the passengers. For instance;

Easy access as your flights can be managed from anywhere in the world and any time from the comfort of your home.If you feel the need to modify your flight tickets for whatever reason, you can do it effortlessly. Prominently including;

  1. Date and name change.
  2. Travel itinerary modification.
  3. Seat selection.
  4. Meal preferences.
  5. Excess Baggage allowance.
  6. Cancellation and refund requests.
  7. No need for a third-party travel agent or an airline representative to edit your flight and/or travel requirements as you can do it all by yourself.
  8. Free of cost.


How can I manage my flights on Qatar Airways?

You can easily manage Qatar airways booking by going to the official website of the airline or through the official mobile app of Qatar Airways as well.

How to manage bookings on Qatar Airways?

Whatever medium you are opting for your flight management (website or mobile app); enter your booking reference number and last name as initial details, retrieve your current booking, and make modifications as necessary.

How can I check my flight booking is confirmed?

You can check your flight booking confirmation by logging in to the ‘Manage Booking’ facility offered by the airline. Additionally, the airline also sends confirmation emails for the booked flights as well.

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