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Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

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Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

As a top air carrier in the world, Qatar Airways ensures customer facilitation in every regard. Whether it’s related to pre-travel assistance, inflight amenities, onboard facilities, Qatar Airways baggage allowance to UK or flight modification flexibilities – our service always tops the chart. This is what that has helped Qatar Airways free baggage allowance become a unique selling point of the airline. Travelling with Qatar Airways soon? Be assured to get a generous Qatar Airways baggage allowance from us as we bring you sufficient storage availability to carry your essentials on board. 

We offer a variety of baggage allowance types for our passengers. Whether you want Qatar Airways hand baggage allowance, need checked-in luggage allowance or require to carry additional handbags – we offer it all. The extent of baggage allowance for Qatar Airways depends upon various factors. Such as your flight route, fare class, type of seat, availability of space as well as the individual airline policies. That’s why the exact amount of baggage that you can carry with the airline varies for every destination. Qatar Airways student baggage allowance is also the standardized one to ensure a hassle-free travel experience for students as well. You can become a member to receive the exclusive benefits of Qatar Airways student club baggage allowance. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flights with the airline today to get the most amazing deals for Qatar Airways baggage allowance from UK on your ticket!

Qatar Airways Carry-on Allowance

Carry-on baggage is also termed ‘cabin luggage’ or hand baggage. It is the type of baggage that the passengers of Qatar Airways can carry inside the flight cabin. Hand baggage allowance for Qatar Airways usually has smaller size and weight restrictions to keep the bags appropriate for storage in the overhead compartments of your seats. Though the Qatar Airways cabin baggage allowance is standardized for all of the travel classes and routes of the airline, sometimes premium cabin classes can also offer you additional allowance as per the type of aircraft and availability of space. 

Typically, Qatar Airways hand baggage allowance UK allows you to carry one bag with a maximum weight of 7kg (or 15 lbs) and dimensions under the (20 x 15 x 10 inches) or (50 x 37 x 25 cm). This is to ensure that your bag can easily fit in the cabin storage compartment; neither being too small nor too large. If your Qatar Airways hand baggage allowance international exceeds this limit, you either have to pay extra for it or comprise and travel without the excess items. So, whether you are travelling on a budget with Qatar Airways hand baggage allowance economy, or with business/frit class, you only get this limit for storage inside the flight cabin.

Additionally, hand baggage allowance Qatar Airways restricts you from carrying certain items in your carry-on luggage. Such as; sharp objects; explosives and flammable materials; chemicals and toxic substances; weapons and ammunition; self-defence items such as pepper sprays and tasers; sporting goods; and liquids over 100ml each. For the babies on board, baggage allowance Qatar Airways Infant allows you to carry another bag consisting of travel supplies for the infants without any fee. 

Qatar Airways Checked Baggage Allowance

The type of baggage you submit to the airline during the boarding phase to be stored inside the specific aircraft storage compartment is termed checked-in baggage. Usually, the Checked in baggage allowance Qatar Airways is higher in its weight and size restrictions as compared to hand luggage. Therefore, allowing you to carry all of your essential travel items easily on board. Note that, as per the Qatar Airways check baggage allowance policy, passengers don’t have access to this luggage once submitted. They will only get their luggage back after they arrive at their desired destination, whether flying directly or through a connecting flight.

The Qatar Airways baggage allowance kg limit for checked baggage varies significantly depending on your fare class, flight route as well as your loyalty program i.e., Privilege Club membership status. As a general rule, passengers travelling In budget travel classes get a lesser limit for economy baggage allowance Qatar Airways while travellers with premium cabin class tickets get more checked baggage allowance limit in terms of number of the bags. As per your fare class on the ticket, checked baggage Qatar Airways baggage allowance for international flights allows you to carry from one bag of 20 kg (or 44 lbs) to multiple bags of 50 kg (or 110 lbs) on board. 

Usually, international baggage allowance Qatar Airways permits you to carry items that are prohibited otherwise to carry in your hand luggage. However, for the specific items that are, dangerous or require licensing – permits should be presented with proper packaging of the item. Otherwise, Qatar Airways reserves the right to deny carrying it along. You get all of that Qatar Airways 25kg baggage allowance and much more if you book your international destinations flights with us. So, get your seats reserved for your next travel trip with Qatar Airways today.

Additional and Excess Baggage Fees

If your permitted baggage allowance is fulfilled as per your travel class and you have an overweight issue for your luggage, the airline imposes Qatar Airways extra baggage allowance charges for it. Otherwise, you have to compromise on travelling without it. The Qatar Airways extra baggage allowance charges and availability are directly influenced by your travel route, aircraft type, cabin class as well as membership status.

If you are travelling during the high season or to a busy destination, you might not be facilitated with extra baggage allowance or charged very high premiums for it. On the other hand, if you are travelling on a less busy route, you might get additional baggage allowance free of cost even for budget flights. So, the policies of excess baggage allowance Qatar Airways continuously vary. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to spend around £11 to £37 per kilogram for additional weight. However, the pricing significantly changes with travel route, fare class and the extent of excess baggage.

Qatar Airways Free Baggage Allowance

Free baggage allowance Qatar Airways allows you to carry check-in bags, hand luggage bags as well as Qatar Airways hand baggage allowance for infants and other necessary items without any fee or extra cost. Infants travelling on an adult's lap have the ability to carry one piece of checked baggage up to 10 kg (or 22 lb) and one collapsible stroller/pushchair free of cost under the Qatar Airways infant baggage allowance. For adults and Qatar Airways baggage allowance for students, you can also bring secondary hand baggage without any additional cost. It should be smaller than your primary carry-on luggage in size and weight and can only carry essential items like travel documents, wallet or purse, electronics, medication, comfort items, hygiene essentials, reading materials, snacks, extra clothing, notepad and pen, glasses/contacts, and other important valuables.

So, this is the standard Qatar Airways London to Doha baggage allowance you get with the airline as well as for other flight routes.

Unusual Luggage and Special Allowances

Qatar Airways check in baggage allowance also allows you to bring unusual luggage or luggage with special allowances on board.  

These items may be put for security checks under the hold baggage allowance Qatar Airways policy. Prominently including;

Musical Equipment Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways UK baggage allowance typically permits small musical instruments as carry-on items for your flights, only if they meet size and weight restrictions. For instance, violins, flutes, clarinets, and smaller guitars.

Larger musical instruments, on the other hand, might require special handling with checked baggage allowance Qatar Airways. Thus, subject to additional fees or special baggage policies. For instance, guitars, cellos, and larger brass or woodwind instruments.

Musical equipment should be properly packaged under the Qatar Airways cabin baggage allowance size or check-in baggage regulations. 

Sports Equipment

Sporting equipment comes under the Qatar Airways baggage allowance extra category. Therefore, the rates to carry such items can also vary. For instance, the average price up to 10kg is £110, 10kg to 20kg is £147; and 20kg is 30kg is £184. The price can vary according to your flight route as well as Qatar Airways sports equipment baggage allowance changing rules and regulations.

Extra baggage allowance Qatar Airways for sporting equipment must be bought at the check-in counter or online at least 6 hours before departure. If purchased at the airport, standard excess baggage rates are applied. 

Baggage’s sum of dimensions for sporting equipment under Qatar Airways baggage allowance size should not exceed 217 cm for small or medium items and 300 cm for larger pieces.


Qatar Airways baggage allowance UK to Doha permits pets to travel either as part of the checked baggage or through their cargo services. Guidelines specify the type of animal, container requirements, and necessary health documentation while advance arrangements and potential fees are also involved. Know that, there are certain restrictions for specific breeds or types of animals you can carry by air. So, it’s better to consult our professional and get expert advice as per your specific demands.

Qatar Airways Business Class Baggage Allowance

Business class travellers of Qatar Airways get a greater baggage allowance and other luggage benefits as compared to budget travellers. As per the Qatar Airways business class baggage allowance, you can carry checked bags, hand luggage as well as secondary bags. The check baggage allowance Qatar Airways can easily vary according to route and cabin class. However, most of our international flights offer the Business Class passengers two pieces of checked baggage, each of them not exceeding 32kg (or 70 lb) limit per bag and having a maximum sum of dimensions (length + width + height) equal to 158cm (or 62in).

Qatar Airways baggage allowance for business class for the carry-on luggage is up to two pieces of hand baggage on board and having a maximum (combined) weight of not more than 15kg (or 33 lb) and dimension equal to or lesser than (50x37x25 cm) or (20x15x10 in). The policy for Qatar Airways baggage allowance business class also allows passengers to carry an additional handbag free of cost i.e., it should only consist of items that you deem essential for your journey. It can be in the form of a handbag, small backpack, purse or briefcase and can carry things like your travel documents., money, toiletries, electronics, etc. 

You can also carry an infant supplies bag without any additional fee as per the terms specified in Qatar Airways infant baggage allowance business class. So, that’s how we take care of our business and leisure travellers with a more relaxed Qatar Airways business baggage allowance policy.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways economy baggage allowance allows budget travellers to get sufficient storage space for their flight despite the low cost and that’s why our services stand out. As a first preference of economy travellers worldwide, we offer very consumer-friendly Qatar Airways baggage allowance in economy class.  

For the check in luggage, Qatar Airways baggage allowance economy class can range from 20 kg (or 44 lb) to 35 kg (or 77 lb) i.e., depending on the booking class, flight route as well as destination. The flights operating to/from Africa or the Americas offer either 23 kg (or 50 lb) or 32 kg (or 77 lb) of weight limit per bag according to your seat type. The max dimension permitted for the bag is only 158 cm (or 62in) i.e., the sum of all sides (length + width + height). 
If you want to get Qatar Airways baggage allowance 40kg economy, you may have to pay extra for the excess baggage.

Passengers holding a ticket for economy class baggage allowance Qatar Airways get a hand baggage limit of only one bag of 7 kg (or 15lb) in weight and (50x37x25) cm in dimensions. If you want to carry a secondary bag, Qatar Airways baggage allowance for economy class offers you the ability for it. It can be for items of your personal use, for an infant or for other such purposes as well. Planning a trip on a budget? Get a ticket for your economy class Qatar Airways baggage allowance from us with the best rates!

Qatar Airways First Class Baggage Allowance

Qatar Airways first class baggage allowance offers a more personalised service for this highest level of travel exclusivity cabin. First-class passengers get the epitome of luxury travel options with the airline. Among them, baggage allowance Qatar Airways for first-class seats is a prominent mention. It allows the passengers of this luxurious class to have a completely hassle-free experience and a peaceful time when packaging their luggage. 

The checked baggage allowance Qatar Airways UK for first-class travellers is up to two bags, each weighing from 32kg (or 70lb) to 50kg (or 110lb)). This, Qatar Airways 30kg baggage allowance or more allows you to carry all of your important things without having to worry about overweight baggage issues. 

As far as the hand baggage allowance in Qatar Airways first class is concerned, they are permitted to carry up to two pieces of baggage for their carry-on luggage with a combined weight of 15kg (or 33lb) maximum in bags that don’t exceed the 50x37x25 cm limit for their dimensions. 

The secondary bag rules for first-class passengers are also the same as Qatar Airways baggage allowance economy and business for additional handbags. Get ready for a completely refined and luxurious travel experience with Qatar Airways international baggage allowance for first-class seats.

Qatar Airways Carry-On Baggage Limit and Allowance

The carry-on baggage allowance Qatar Airways economy, business and first class remain standardized to the maximum weight limit of 7 kg (or 15 lbs) and dimensions not exceeding the 50 x 37 x 25 cm mark. 

In addition, Qatar Airways baggage allowance for infants also permits the people carrying babies on board to bring an additional secondary bag free of cost. 

For more details on Qatar Airways carry-on baggage allowance, get in touch with our representatives right away! 

Qatar Airways Excess Baggage Policy

Qatar Airways baggage allowance extra baggage policies widely differ from one travel route to another depending upon your ticket type, seasonality, and fare class. However, the general rules to remember in this regard are;

Excess Qatar Airways checked baggage allowance has to be paid. If you are carrying additional weight for your specified limit, you have to pay extra for carrying excess baggage along or your luggage might be stopped as per the Qatar Airways hold baggage allowance policy.

If you have more luggage than the cabin baggage allowance Qatar Airways specified on your ticket, you can either adjust the extra items in your checked baggage (subject to space availability) or pay extra to carry it along with you.

If you don’t want to pay an extra baggage fee, you have to compromise on not travelling with the additional overweight items as per the Qatar Airways baggage allowance UK policy.

Students, on the other hand, can benefit from a variety of student extra baggage allowance Qatar Airways excess baggage policies if they are a member.

Qatar Airways Baggage Fees

Baggage allowance on Qatar Airways flights is complimentary under a pre-determined limit, as specified by the airline according to your travel class. This includes three types of luggage; check-in baggage, carry-on luggage and secondary bags. However, if any of your bags are overweight or you want to carry additional items that lie outside of your free Qatar Airways standard baggage allowance limit, then you are liable to pay an extra fee for it.

The fee for Qatar Airways increased baggage allowance can only be determined by specifying your travel route, cabin class, membership status with student baggage allowance Qatar Airways or Privilege Club of the airline as well as availability of space.

So, get a quote today from us for your Qatar Airways baggage allowance to Europe or other routes and alleviate all of your worries!

You can also go to our website and get instant information about the luggage allowed on your travel ticket and route through our exclusive check my baggage allowance Qatar Airways feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much baggage can I take on Qatar Airways?

For checked baggage, passengers can take around 23-50kg of their luggage (per bag) as per their fare class. On the other hand, carry-on baggage is typically one bag and a personal item, totalling 7-10 kg max by baggage allowance international flights Qatar Airways.

Can I check in 2 bags with Qatar Airways?

Baggage allowance Qatar Airways business class and first class allow you to check in 2 bags with Qatar Airways easily. However, budget travellers are only allowed one piece of check-in baggage according to the Qatar Airways economy class baggage allowance policy.

How much is excess baggage on Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways baggage allowance charges for excess baggage can range from around £40 to £150 per extra piece or per kilogram over the standard allowance. 

So, confirm your Qatar Airways baggage allowance per kg for excess luggage with our representatives before you start packaging for the next flight.

Is Qatar Airways strict on hand baggage?

The airline is strict with the hand baggage limits specified for the passengers of each cabin by Qatar Airways flight baggage allowance. This is because these restrictions help accommodate everyone within the specified allowances and guarantee compliance with safety and space regulations on board.

How much is the baggage allowance for infants with Qatar Airways?

Infant baggage allowance Qatar Airways states that passengers carrying a baby can have a Qatar Airways infant hand baggage allowance typically up to 7-10kg in weight total sum of dimensions equal to 115 cm. 

The bag can carry things like baby food, diapers, clothing, etc. – which is specified in the Qatar Airways child baggage allowance.

In addition, Qatar Airways baby baggage allowance often includes a collapsible stroller or carrycot for the infant's use.

How to maximize your Qatar Airways baggage allowance?

To maximize your Qatar Airways international flight baggage allowance, you must know your luggage limit, pack efficiently, utilize carry-on space, consider Qatar Airways upgrade baggage allowance, pre-purchase extra baggage and/or even leverage from the airline loyalty programs.

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