Privacy Policy

Qatar Airways Group cares a lot about your privacy, and we know how important it is to you. We want you to feel safe when you use our websites or services, so we promise to keep your information private. We require our employees, suppliers, and business partners to keep information secret, as required by data protection laws.

This Privacy Notice (along with our Terms and Conditions, our Cookies Policy, and any other documents mentioned here) explains how we use any personal information we get from you or that you give us ("Privacy Notice"). Please read the information below carefully to find out what we think and how we treat your personal information.

This Privacy Notice may change over time to keep up with the law or to meet our business's changing needs. Our website has the most up-to-date Privacy Notice. If this Privacy Policy changes in a way that affects you, we will let you know. Unless a different law says otherwise, the English version of this Privacy Notice will be more important than any other language version. If there is a difference between how the Privacy Notice is written in English and how it is written in any other language, this Privacy Notice statement in English will be used.

For the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation, the Controller is Qatar Airways Group, Q.C.S.C., a Qatari Closed Shareholding Company with a registered office at Qatar Airways Tower, PO Box 22550, Doha, State of Qatar (from now on referred to as "Qatar Airways", "we", or "us").

Qatar Airways has a "opt-in" policy, which means that you can choose whether or not you want to get our newsletters and offers. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Qatar Airways (see Section 10) or by logging into your Qatar Airways website account, your Privilege Club account, or your Qbiz account and changing your marketing preferences.

From time to time, our website may have links to and from the websites of our affiliates and partner networks. If you click on a link to one of these websites, please remember that these websites have their own privacy policies and that we are not responsible or liable for these policies. Before you give any Personal Data on these websites, please read these policies.